Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm glad I'm not a couch in Morgantown

(Brave couches giving their lives for the 'eer nation)

There's a special place reserved for teams who manage to lose to the Big East champion in a BCS bowl - heck, any bowl. SEC fans (and everyone else) have spent the season talking down on the Big East and dissing their football program as being unworthy of the BCS - but last time I checked Slaton and White were still running through, around and over the vaunted 'dawgs defense and Rich Rodriguez is still coaching circles around St. Richt. Greg Blue is taking bad penalties and missing tackles, and the UGa secondary is catching nothing but fumes on another long TD run as a WVU back leaves them in the dust.

(Slaton is still running -

The SEC wasn't very good this year, as every computer ranked showed. Guess what, they were even worse than the Big East it seems. WVU whipped UGa in every facet of the game, and only a Superhuman effort by Shockley in the second half kept the game close (those two 3rd and longs where he shook off a defender in the backfield and then converted the play were HUGE). UGa tackled like New York Life and made some truly boneheaded mistakes (3 fumbles and some awful special teams play).

(Glad you guys enjoyed Atlanta -

I'd have much prefered a GT win over a UGa loss, but watching the thousands of blank looks in the Georgia Dome on TV did wonders to pick me out of my post-Emerald Bowl funk. Nothing like getting schooled in front of a partisan crowd by a double digit underdog with a one dimensional offense to cut the legs out from under anyone. As a side note, I imagine that the number of spousal beatings in rural Georgia will be up tommorow, as 'dawg nation returns to their trailers after spending two months pay on 3 trips to Atlanta - might want to track that.

(Somewhere there's a trailer with a wife waiting, cringing -


Blogger Doug said...

Not that you asked for my advice, dude, but the fact that GT fans seem to have gotten more excited about Georgia's loss than any of Tech's wins this season only solidifies the perception that GT is a second-class program.

Falling behind the #11 team in the country 28-0 but still fighting and clawing back to with a FG vs. packing it in at halftime against the 4th-place team in the Mountain West . . . nahh, I'll stick with my team, thanks.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Trust me, I'd much rather have beaten Utah, finished in the top 25 and rolled into next year with some momentum instead of the pig pile we're looking at ...

But since that didn't happen, the 30 second phone call with my UGa friend that included about 27 different profanities was quite enjoyable, I gotta admit.

Misery loves company, as they say. At least the trash talk from the UGa side of the aisle will slow over the offseason - it was shaping up to be a long spring.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Also - I was down on Shockley before the season started (especially after his horrible performance against GT in Athens) but that dude is a warrior and I'd trade 4 Reggie Balls for him. He played his ass off last night, about the only 'dawg that did.

I'm very glad his career in Athens is over, and that Richt kept him on the bench for all these years.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

I'd trade Reggie Ball for just about anyone. Could you imagine if GT only upgraded to Marques Hagans, who's essentially Ball, except good? They'd probably win the ACC.

8:23 AM  

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