Monday, May 15, 2006


Somehow this is becoming more of a basketball blog than any other sport (despite Little Joe in the header) - I think living in Lawrence is rubbing off on me. I've certainly got more e-mails about basketball than any other sport, probably because most people haven't been used to following basketball recruiting as intently in recent years.

Georgia Tech actually got into the picture with Thad Young fairly late in the game, and so a lot of information about him came and went without really being exposed to GT fans (UNC fans lapped up every bit though). Here's an excellent news piece about his focus on academics(!) and some nice highlights of his skills. I'm as excited about Thad as I can ever remember being for any GT recruit - even Calvin Johnson. One guy can have such an impact in basketball, and his all around game and attitude seem so polished that it will be a huge dissapointment if he isn't an impact player from the start.


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