Thursday, May 18, 2006

Heff Should Stick to Women

The 2006 Playboy All-America team has been announced - with Calvin Johnson inexplicably not making the list, and Joel Filani from Texas Tech making it instead. Filani had a solid year last year in Texas Tech's gimmicky offense, but with a long catch for his career of only 26 yards - he's far from the game breaking type of player you'd expect to be named All-America. Jeff Samardjiza? I could have seen that. Sydney Rice? He's a fine player as well. But Filani?

What makes this even odder is that the article brags about the fact that the "Playboy gathering gives glimpse into 2007 draft" - which would imply that they would be picking players likely to be high draft choices in the upcoming draft. Well, Calvin is a virtual lock to a be a top 5 overall pick ... and Filani might go on the second day. That doesn't add up, to say the least.


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