Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lazy Smurf beats us to the punch ...

When UNC is making excellent coordinator hires before your team, you know you are really stubborn and slow, considering UNC's athletic department thinks about football approximately twice a year.

Frank Cignetti is named UNC's new offensive coordinator - he was the OC for the Fresno State teams that finished in the top 10 in total offense the past couple of seasons. He has NFL experience as a QB coach with the Saints, and then 4 very succesful seasons at Fresno. At only 40 he's a young guy, supposed to be popular with the players and has a reputation for balanced offenses with explosive scoring ability.

Of course, Chan Gailey is still calling the plays for us. I expect to see Reggie Ball throwing 15 yard dig routes to Calvin Johnson again next season. Puke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's rough. I can name something rougher though: Calvin Johnson in a Tech uniform. I wish he was with UGA, imagine Johnson and Massaquoi together.... that would be a nightmare for defenses.
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