Monday, January 09, 2006

You’re Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller Tonight

Atlanta based Boston College blogger ATL_eagle was at the game last night, and he has some nice pictures of Alexander Memorial and the new floor. Seeing his pictures reminds me of something that doesn't seem to come across on TV, and that's just how close the seats are too the floor. I've never been to a sporting venue where the fans are right on top of the players like you are in the AMC - heck, the front row of chairbacks is closer than most people sit to their kids in their rec league soccer games.

(Click for larger version - photo from Eagle in Atlanta)

He has several other photos from the game as well as a write up from the Boston College perspective (obviously, not as excited about the outcome as we have been over here). I still have somewhat mixed feelings about BC being in the ACC, mostly due to geographic concerns - but they bring a solid athletics and academics profile to the conference and open it up to new markets in the northeast that the ACC has never really tapped outside of the New Jersey contingent of Duke fans.


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